They didn’t know what happened

by super

I had a breakup that drained me for months, little to no sleep, lost tons of weight from not eating, drank myself to oblivion to numb the pain. Then, one day I remembered I was loved and was something valuable. I was thousands of miles from family and friends, a loner by nature, but she was gone and I realized that the friends that I thought I had hung out with just because we were together started to ask me to do things. They didn’t know what happened, they actually missed me, had even grown fond of me, and thus I came back into the fold. Work went amazingly better, I felt whole, ate, slept like a champ. Just went through another break up, even lived with a girlfriend for the first time for a year. Instead of feeling sorry, empty, and self-destructing I realized I wasn’t happy in the relationship either. Instead of isolating myself I’ve stayed constant. Work has not flagged, I feel more outgoing instead of keeping to myself. It is those learning experiences which strengthen us, it hurts, but that is life…. We will survive, and flourish

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