Mr Complex, ugh. It was seriously like he was a shitty movie stereotype come to life

by super

He made a couple of snarky comments about me wearing heels on the date even though I wasn’t. We were the same height (5’7″) and I guess imaginary heels was the only way his mind could grapple with the concept. When we got to the restaurant, I opened my door to exit the vehicle and he began screaming at me for “making him look like less of a man” by not letting him open my door for me. A LOT of the dinner conversation was about how women don’t appreciate “a male provider” “anymore”. I was young and stupid so we ended up going back to his place and it was the only time I’ve actually had an “is it in?” moment. Afterward, he recalled that he’s pleased many women before and they all said he was one of the best they’d ever had. Before I left, he let me know we were actually at his sister’s house and she was in the bedroom next to us and to try not to wake her up leaving.

What a sad dude. I hope he got therapy.

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