My only blind date…

by super

My college roommate had a date, asked me if I’d come along and take out his date’s roommate.

I thought ‘what the hell, why not’

We arrive at their place to pick them up.

My date comes out, she’s cute. She looks at me and just says, “Oh hell no”. She goes somewhere else.

I drown my sorrows in pitchers of margaritas…find out they have a 2 pitcher per person limit, and we’re at 6 pitchers already.

I call a buddy to join us. Buddy arrives, sits across from me. Order 2 more pitchers of margaritas.

Buddy tells me he had plans with a girl he’d been dating for a bit, but the plans had just fallen through, so let’s get f’d up.

Three minutes later, the girl he had plans with arrives on a date with another dude…sits at the table right next to us.

We call another buddy to join, so we can get 2 more pitchers of margaritas.

In retrospect, we should have gone home after the second pitcher of margaritas.

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