Oh yeah. He was a buddy of mine

by super

Oh yeah. He was a buddy of mine. We’d look out for each other, and hang out whenever our schedules allowed. His wife and my ex used to hang out too. We’d go on double-dates and play cards, etc.

I had shared some of our challenges/struggles with him, so I think he was just trying to muster up the courage to point out that my ex was allergic to monogamy.

She, my ex, had daddy/male attention issues. I think it was a compulsion for her to seek out male attention to “fill the void” that her absent father left. She was two years old when he bailed. At that time, it was our second (and last) attempt at our marriage. I had found out about seven months in, that she had been involved with a BF throughout the entire time we were engaged+married. We separated for about 9-10 months after that. Then we decided to try it again, moved 5 hours away, and gave it another go.

After he brought it up, I started digging. The more digging that I did – did not return with happy results. I found out that there were multiple indiscretions during both marriage attempts. Lots of BFs, some of them in our marital bed. I was earning six-figures at the time, and after doing a personal audit, I figured she spent over $1,200/mo on clothes & gifts for her BFs. So after I stopped depositing money into our joint account, she started telling me of the physical interactions that she had participated in, just to hurt me. LPT, if your SO cheats, DO NOT find out the details. It will fuck you up, for a very long time.

We were both young and I don’t “fault” her. She was broken inside, and was unable to cope with it. It is what it is.

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