It is my short story

by super

My brother went to rehab when I was fourteen and then came back 7 months later. We got close until about another year later when he passed away in a car crash. Soon after parents divorce. Three months later grandpa died and then 19 year old sister got knocked up. Fast forward a couple years and I’m going to college. Dad has a stroke and paralyzed in the left side of his body. So I come home to take care of him. Only to find out that I am incapable of doing so, alone, at 18. So he moves to Oklahoma and I can’t go back to my other school cause of financials. A couple years later, I was 20, on the same weekend, both my parents got married to another spouse. Without telling me. Either of them. A year later my girlfriend of four years breaks of with me. Someone who lived with me through most of it. I am 21 now. That’s my short story.

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