When i was sufferings with mentaly stress

by super

One of my first cases when I first started in the mental health field and I’ll never forget. I was providing therapy to a young girl who was pooping on herself after holding it in for as long as she could. Mom originally thought it was some kind of anxiety or fear of the toilet but after a couple more sessions I found out that the girl was being sexually abused by her step father and pooping felt like penetration to her so in order to avoid that sensation she would hold it in as long as possible… it was heartbreaking to find that out and a hell of an introduction to the field.

Edit: Not sure if this is ok to do here but as a way to help people that don’t have access to mental health services I started providing free mental health advice/ answering psychology related questions a few months ago through the form of social media and videos. If anyone is in need of assistance feel free to inbox me and I will provide you with my information. Thank you!

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