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Can you be stressed and not properly realise it?

by super

So I’ve had a tough year, also last year too lol last year for about three months I was stressed to the point where I could barely even eat for that whole duration. At the start of this year I got stressed about stuff again and I truly felt it, I developed anxiety like crazy, I had a pounding heart the moment I woke up, incredibly frequently throughout the day I was just peak stressed.

I continued like this for about 4 months straight, then I felt like I kinda plateaued. I didn’t have the shakiness and pounding heart upon wakening and all that, it seemed like a lot of the obvious symptoms went away. But the thing is, the stressors are still there and I’m still worried about them, it just feels numb almost.

Am I still stressed and it’s just like my mind shut down a bit? I can’t focus properly because my mind is always like fogged out. I want to take steps to make my life more calm, I’m thinking meditation might be a good starting point?

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