I spent about a year seriously depressed

by super

I was the one cheated on. We were engaged to be married (wedding would have been last weekend). She went away on an internship for the summer, came back, used me as a pack mule all day to help her move in, and then broke up with me. Found out she was dating the other guy about 3 months before she ended things with me. I spent about a year seriously depressed and just wanting to give up. Things are much better now, and in about an hour, I will be going on my first date since 🙂 Wish me luck!

Edit: The date went really well! we had to make some quick changes on the fly due to hometown hockey team’s opening game tonight, but I think in the end it all turned out well. We were both a bit nervous since neither of us had been on a date in a while, but once we got comfortable things ended up being an enjoyable evening. Thanks for all of the encouragement, it’s great to have some. And for those in similar situations: keep your head up. It’s rough, and it will stay rough, part of that person will be with you for a long time, but if I can come out of it, when I was already struggling with depression when I was dumped, I think anyone can. Best of luck to all, and finally thanks to whoever gave me gold!

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