I still consider that night the worst of my life

by super

I’ve been married for 4 years and never considered anyone but my husband. I am totally devoted and in love.

A year ago we both went out with some mutual friends. The night went on and he got tired but said I should stay since I never really ‘go out.’ I was excited to be outside of my comfort zone and drank too much. I blacked out and woke up naked in a bed with an acquaintance who is infamous for partying and her spouse. When I woke up I had 20 missed calls from my husband and the girls spouse was fondling me.

I went home and told my husband but it was hard because I couldn’t remember more than a few seconds of what had happened the night before and a vauge sense that it was all a nightmare.

I felt like I didn’t even know myself. I had never wanted anything like that to happen. I wasn’t attracted to either of those people and I’m not a flirtatious person. I hate being touched and I consider my husband to be the best thing in my life. He was not angry with me but I felt I couldn’t live with what I did. I tried to kill myself and we moved from New York back to our home state of Nevada.

Things seem normal now but I still consider that night the worst of my life.

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