I was in a very toxic relationship

by super

I [25f] was in a very toxic relationship in which I was forced to do sexual acts with my [25m] male bestfriend . I was not physically attracted to him but he convinced me many many times after I would say that I don’t want to that we’d make a good couple . I did not understand / share alot of what was happening to me to my bestfriend [25f] at that time so it actually seemed like I was anxious over nothing and it was a happy relationship. 1 year after we broke up I started understanding what was happening to me and I was furious / sad and I really didn’t want my ex to go unpunished. I shared my thoughts with my bestfriend who is still close to my ex but she said don’t act like you didn’t want him and you have unresolved anger issues that you need to fix. I can not get over this .

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