“Oliver” and “Rain”

by super

My childs father used to talk and talk about his friends “Oliver” and “Rain”, whom I never met because he lost touch over time. I told him I loved the name Oliver and if we ever had a male child, I wanted to name him that. We did, and now I have a little (teen) Oliver. Anyway, during a festival miles and miles from home, I hear someone call out to a girl walking by “Rain!” and I stopped her and asked her if she had dated an Oliver once, by chance. She said yes, that was her deceased husband. I told her that she was never going to believe it, but I have a child by that name because of stories I had heard about them. We became very close and she eventually moved to my state, even. We are best friends, now, and she is super happy that she gets to see Oliver in another form, every day.

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