I can’t say that there was a single instance that was absolutely the best

by super

First, I was sleeping next to my fiance and for some reason we both rolled over and kissed each other at the same time. We started making out more intensely and by the time I actually was fully awake, I was inside of her and we were fucking like mad. It didn’t take long, but it didn’t have to. And I think we woke up our neighbors.

Another time, my FWB and I were sitting around watching netflix and smoking. I gave her a shotgun and we started making out and biting each other. Once the biting started everything got electric and animalistic. Before I knew it we were tearing off each others clothes. I went down on her and the look that she gave me when she came will be forever etched in my mind (wide eyes and “what the fuck just happened and where did this come from”) Most everything else is a blur after that, but the next day we both had bruises, bite marks and scratches all over ourselves. The slight sting and ache reminiscent of a good workout reminds you that you had fantastic sex the night before

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