Now we live together

by super

I always had a crush on a girl at my work but was afraid to talk to her and never asked her out because I was technically her superior and I was afraid of coming off as a creep and/or getting in trouble. I had just broke up with my ex so I signed up for OK Cupid and after a few lame internet dates I found that girl from work on the site! I immediately sent her a message and we ended up talking all day (great chemistry and a ton in common). I asked her out to the bar that night and it was amazing, just incredibly comfortable and fun. Next thing I know she awkwardly asks me if I wanted to come back to her place, to which I of course said yes. The sex was just as good as the rest of the night – comfortable, exciting, and just felt right. We ended up spending the next two entire days together, and have been together for like 8 months now and just moved in together. Quick I know but just like the first night it felt right. Definitely the best sex of my life. TL;DR- found a girl from work on okcupid and hooked up, now we live together

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