In laws want to come stay for us for at least a couple months? Not feeling happy about it

by super

My in laws are very nice people but I am not used to having people stay indefinitely. We live in a one bedroom apartment so it’s tough. I grew up always having my own room and my own space. Every time they come over I get severely depressed but deal with it and count the days until they leave. My husband and I are expecting a baby in a month so it’s understandable they want to be here. However I said they should come when the baby is born.

My husband said they are bored at my brother in laws house and want to come stay with us. And that he can’t say no to his parents and it’s more of their house than ours, and he doesn’t want to choose between us. He is Indian so family is always first. And they are used to living with family members in a small space. His parents live with his brother and 4 other people in a two bedroom apartment.

I have no problems with them personally but I feel trapped when they come and want my own space. I don’t mind people visiting but not for weeks or months. I feel so depressed now and don’t want to spend my last month of pregnancy this way. My husband said he will do whatever he needs to make sure my needs are met but he can’t say no to his parents and family is important.

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