My sister in law gave my husband and me coronavirus and my in laws are in denial

by super

I am a 27 year old pregnant female and my husband is a 34 year old healthy male. Three weeks ago, my in laws decided to use our home as a meeting place to discuss my sister in laws living situation and if she wants to move back in with her husband without the consent or knowledge of my husband and I until the day of. On the day of the meeting, his sisters showed up. It turns out one of his sisters was sick and had symptoms of the flu which can be similar to the coronavirus. I’m pregnant and everyone knows it. I’ve also been catching all the colds and sickness around the winter season. Anyways, his sister has a conversation with me.

They stay for 4 hours then leave. A week later, I have flu like symptoms. Turns out, my sister in law was sick with the “flu” and knew she was getting sick but still came over without telling us to stay away or anything. Within the same week, my husband gets sick. We were under the assumption it’s just the flu. His sister was sick for 2 weeks with the same symptoms.

Well two weeks later, 20 lbs lighter, on and off headaches, chills, body aches, coughs, muscle weakness, vomiting, diarrhea, and shortness of breath leads my husband to get tested for COVID 19. He collapsed today on the bedroom floor coming from the bathroom. His cough was getting increasingly worst. I made the decision to rush him to the ER.

Turns out, he has COVID 19. I confront his parents and said that his sister gave it to him. They both are in denial saying that they don’t know where he got it from. His sister tried blaming it on someone at his workplace who got it but they were in two opposite areas and the building was sanitized.

Now my husband is in thr ER fighting for his life while I’m at home resenting his parents because this all could have been prevented.

Should I call a family meeting to discuss how his parents overstepped their place in our home and opened our home for my husband to be exposed to COVID 19? I’m pissed because if my husband makes it, we are going to be stuck with a massive hospital bill.

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