I need Advice!

by super

There’s a girl i really liked for the past few months and i bought her roses,surprised her with her favourite song on my guitar,wrote her a poem and gave her a painting since she likes photography

and this was all during summer and she works as a waitress and she showed signs of liking me back and in monday (3 days from now) her caffe is closing and im also leaving in a few days and yesterday i asked her out and she said yes

we immediately went on a date a few hours after i asked her out we walked around town for a bit and we sat at a caffe for 2 hours and the chemistry was great she told me things she never told anyone before she also said that she kept all the things i gave to her in the past and she said she’s gonna remember me forever which was cool we kept talking there was never a moment of awkward silence we just kept talking i made her laugh a few times i made a few moves in terms of being physical like hugging her and things like that we even took a picture together that i would share here but i cant so anyways

i wanted to ask her out again tomorrow i wanted to wait for a day to go by so i don’t seem needy and i have an idea on what to do but im not sure if its too much or something like that i just need an opinion and advice really

so my idea is to take her to a place thats 20 minutes away from the center of the city but we can still see the city lights and all of that its basically a beautiful view and theres a bunch of big rocks around and a path and i found a rock thats completely flat and big enough for 3 people and also the sea is right in front of you as well as the city lights and theres an open sky with a bunch of stars so i wanted to take her there take a big warm blanket in case it gets cold buy her favourite snack which i know what it is and i thought that maybe we could kind of cover ourselves with the blanket while we eat her favourite snacks and talk

i also never kissed a girl before (im 18 she’s 21) so im a bit nervous cause she knows im leaving in a few days and so is she so its probably gonna be our last date so im just a bit nervous and i dont know what to do thats why im asking for advice is the date idea good? Could something happen? How do i make a move to initiate a kiss or something about a kiss?

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