Of course it takes time

by super

I’m also 38F. I’m legally married to a 51M. We have two kids and on paper, we are the perfect couple. However, we had zero sex life whatsoever. But I started to realize how disconnected we were emotionally as well as physically. It got to the point where even talking about sex was so awkward for us. We drifted further and further apart although got along okay. We are friends but we are not at all partners/lovers. We made the decision a couple months ago to get a divorce. He still lives at home but moving into his own place in about a month. We should be legally divorced within a week or two. Yes, I get sad about not having my kids everyday but I’ve realized we have one precious life. Spending it with someone who I’m not connect with is not anyway to live. I was not growing in the relationship at all. My self esteem was shot. I’m in good shape and a good looking person, but it’s taken a lot time to realize that again. I had so many people to tell me to have an affair. I can’t wrap my head around the fact that having an affair is much more acceptable than divorce for people. For me, it’s not. Since deciding to get divorced, I’ve already had a couple men who are interested which is exhilarating. I am not pursuing anything at all yet, but it’s been the confidence boost I desperately needed. Looking forward to brighter days ahead.

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