One of the most frustrating experiences of my life

by super

One of the most frustrating experiences of my life was with a girl who everyone thought was a perfect match (her family and friends as well as mine). I also didn’t really have any friends and she was one of the only ones in years I’d met who I had much in common with. I wasn’t really even trying to date just be a friend and maybe go from there if things were promising. She would always talk like she was interested in doing things but always flake out at the last second. There’s always be some explanation like getting called into work or having too much homework but social media would often show that to be a lie as she had plenty of time to hang out with others. All while people who knew her well kept encouraging me to try anyway, so I’d make plans again, get flaked on for someone else yet again, and never did she try to plan anything or invite me to anything. I would have much rather had a straight “no I’m not interested” rather than just getting led on and frustrated wondering what’s wrong with me and trying to figure out why one of the only people I’d met in years who had much in common with me seemingly wanted nothing to do with me. I also would have been able to use an straight answer to get all the family and friends off my case, I normally give up quite quickly on these things, it was mostly the continued encouragement from people who knew her that caused me to keep struggling instead of just giving up.

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