Doesn’t matter how good you are.

by super

It was good, I’m now getting married to someone I met on okcupid. I had a girlfriend for 8 months from Match. I met many more on tinder/okcupid/match and went on lots of fun dates, in some cases I met new friends.

Be real in your profile. I am not religious, mostly liberal, and have other specific things I was looking for and not looking for. I was very specific, to the point of either being offensive or funny depending on who read your profile. This not only weeded out shit dates, but it made people who actually fit think your profile was for real.

Meet at a bar for a drink, that’s it, no other options. Coffee if you want, but that just seems dumb to me. Don’t plan dinner (but leave the option open,) and don’t plan any crazy exciting thing, anything that will take a long time, be in a car for a long period of time, anything that you can’t get yourself out of. It will be more casual, and easier for one or both of you to end it and move on if the fit really isn’t right. If the fit is right, or even if you have good conversation, doing it over some beer/drinks is great. If it goes really well, ask if she/he wants to get some food. When doing this, try to meet at 5/5:30. If you meet later, EAT FIRST, I can’t remember how many times I figured I would eat out and the girl had already eaten and I starved until I got home.

Fuck the 3 day text rule or any of that bullshit. Just be up front about it, get it over with. If the person is really going to connect with you, it will work out. This does not mean be annoying or obnoxious, people have their own lives, jobs, and may take some time to text you back.

BE OK WITH FAILURE. Holy fuck I can’t tell you how many times I was disappointed I didn’t get a second date, or didn’t get a response, or the girl disappeared. The first time I got on a dating site I ragequit a week later since I didn’t have a date. Just take a deep breath and understand YOU WILL FAIL. Doesn’t matter how good you are.

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