Married nearly 13 years, still going strong.

by super

The whole story.. It was about 2001, back when Yahoo still ran their own personals, and they were free. A co-worker and I had been lamenting how terrible the crop of online daters was, and how many terrible dates with crazy girls we’d been on.

So, we sprang into action. We took very typical, all-American guy type pictures of ourselves, and posted ads on Yahoo. Intentionally posting these very “Mom & apple pie” ads, we’d decided to see who could meet the biggest nut job.

Flip over to my wife’s side of the picture.. She had this friend who complained constantly about how there are no guys out there, all of the good ones are taken, blah blah etc. So, she decided to sign up, find some guys and send them to her friend. Well, then she came upon my profile. And at that moment, she decided to hold that one back for herself..

Our first real life date was us meeting for coffee at a Borders. After we’d been there about 5 or so minutes, an older guy had finished his chess match at a nearby table, and walked up to us. He said, “You. You two look good together. You should marry this girl.” Well, about a year later, I took her back to that same cafe, put a ring on her finger, and then married her 6 months later. A couple of years later, we met that man, at the same Borders, playing chess. He just had this “yeah, I knew it all along” look on his face.

So, yeah, it worked for me.

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