I want to have kids eventually, but I’m terrified of pregnancy. Is this just a phase??

by super

Pregnancy freaks me the hell out. I mean, babies are essentially parasites, sucking out energy and nutrition from you! It’s nine months of vomiting and possibly developing a number of pregnancy illnesses (like diabetes!?!) and slowly losing your ability to move around. And then when the baby is ready to survive on their own you have to go through a painful gross birth that forever changes your body and leaves it wrecked for a few weeks or longer. I know this is kinda extreme… But these are the things that make me wonder if I even want to be pregnant at all. Has anyone else felt like this and eventually got over it? I know adoption is always an option, but I just want to get some perspective from some other women. It’s like having a baby makes you part of an exclusive club since it can be so life-changing. Women who haven’t gone through childbirth, or don’t have kids, do other women treat you really differently? I just feel like I’ll miss out on a big part of being a woman if I never get over this. I’d really like to hear from all of you!

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