I realized that there was no harm in going

by super

I have been going to couple’s counseling with my SO on and off for a few years. We had issues communicating, because we both grew up in abusive homes. At first, I refused to go, because I didn’t want someone dissecting my life. Later, I realized that there was no harm in going.

It’s helped us a lot. We respond far more calmly, and have learned how to validate the other person’s emotions, which is a plus. Our therapist does a great job of guiding us through all of our idiocies to a more objective perspective, which is great. She also ensures that both of us get time to talk, and has tissues and all that for when we get upset.

My friends and family are aware that I’ve gone to counseling. I don’t think any of them particularly care, since I refer to it as a “relationship tune-up” because, let’s be honest, a relationship changes and goes through different stresses. If a car needs a tune-up, why wouldn’t a relationship?

Honestly, the most I can say for it is that it has helped. And I’m grateful that it has

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