I had also learned that divorce isn’t the end of the world

by super

The second time around, in a nutshell: I had found what I wanted to do/be and was working on myself, whereas previously I had been looking for someone to look after me.

I had also learned that divorce isn’t the end of the world, and that the people who judged me/mocked me for my choices such as getting married young and then going and getting divorced were completely ignorant to my situation, and ended up not even being worth knowing. My close friends expressed their sympathies and simply wished for me to find happiness again. My parents took it hard, not because they particularly liked the guy, but my dad said it made him feel like a joke for having celebrated the wedding with so many people and then it was over – I felt like a failure, but as time passed, I felt free, and nobody even cared, except a few who liked to try and bring me down or make me the butt of jokes, but by then I had already discovered that most people’s opinions didn’t matter to me anymore. That was a really big change for me – learning to love myself and do what was best for me, regardless of what other people believed or expected. Previously I was a yes person, now I can say no, and it does wonders – instead of saying yes, and hating myself for it, I just say no and it is understood (and it’s not misconstrued as “she really means yes”).

So mainly the differences were that I found what I wanted to do with myself, and how I wanted to be, and I learned to treat myself with respect as well as others, which meant I also got treated with respect.

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