Once we remarried, it only got worse

by super

I divorced and married the same woman again. Only things that changed was that it became exponentially worse. Her feelings of abandonment from the first divorce (which funny enough, she was the one that pulled away and stopped participating in the marriage is what lead me to say the words she wasn’t willing to say) she used as an excuse to stay at arms length emotionally, not invest in the time to change the things that needed to be change, doing the bare minimum, and fuck around behind my back.

Only reason why I came back to her was because of the tremendous guilt I felt leaving her (due to her alcoholism) at her time of need. Once we remarried, it only got worse. I no longer feel the guilt, but I do feel remorse for the relationship that could have been if I had only intervened sooner, although it may not have had a difference.

Now, I’m married to someone who really treats me like a friend and partner. Its different, took a bit to get used to.

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