I try to be affectionate

by super

I try to be affectionate. He barely looks at me anymore. When he’s home hes buried in his own stuff. Ipod, computer, comic books, I usually just do my own thing too. We try to get a babysitter but it never works out (our parents don’t really help much and he refuses to pay someone to do it) so were always at home, doing nothing, looking at computer screens at opposite sides of the couch. Recently I have been catching him watching porn almost every morning. Not literally, but he wake up before I do, and he leaves our laptop muted…I called him on it and said “how is it you can masturbate while your wife is home in the other room and basically begging you for sex every day?” he didn’t really have an answer. I just feel like he hates me at this point and I have no idea why.

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