What did you do???

by super

My husband and I will be celebrating our only 2nd anniversary in August. We haven’t had sex in over four months. We have a 1 1/2 year old, and I’m pregnant again. Due at the end of September. Every time I try to initiate sex with him he makes up an excuse or just acts awkwardly towards me. It’s been hard with the baby around, but he doesn’t even try to make time for it anymore. Just now, we had about a half hour to kill before he left for work, and the baby is napping. I said “Ya know, we have some time to kill.” He looked at me like I was an idiot and played dumb like he had no idea what I meant. I gave him the sexy stare and he said “what? what do you want to do?” I told him to forget it and he left without kissing me goodbye. I don’t think he’s cheating, and I know I’m pregnant but I still consider myself pretty attractive. We’re both 24 I feel like we are way too young to be having these problems so early in our lives together. I tell him all the time how I’m feeling about it, and even bluntly say “I NEED SEX!” but he hasn’t changed. I feel humiliated and to be completely honest he’s making me feel disgusted about myself. I’m lost as to what to do at this point.

Has this happened to anyone else? How did you make it work? What was the end result?

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