Approaching 50 and there are times when I get down in the dumps.

by super

Approaching 50 and there are times when I get down in the dumps, mainly holidays. But that aside if you are smart about things when you are in your twenties and thirties you can go into your forties and fifties with no need to balance your checkbook or stress about ‘wait until my next paycheck’ to pay that bill or purchase that item. I heavily fund my 401k thats hovering 7-figures but still I live comfortably. Important to note, I dress nice, buy what I want but am not into big “stuff” nor do I have a huge house or expensive car and dont give a shit about bling.

Maybe more important, you can build up a gigantic inventory of friends-with-benefits and have sex without dating. This doesn’t just happen. Keep yourself in shape, do not brag about sex to anyone, “be there” for your exes, if you have hook up friend and they start dating another guy do not get jealous. There are ladies in their 40s/50s/60s who just some “companionship” from time to time and have no interest in the cougar-thing. The freedom thing is awesome. You can stay in on a Saturday night and play Candy Crush or you can hop on a plane to Vegas for a 3 day wild weekend its up to you.

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