Don’t word it like that, but you know what I mean.

by super

It’s important to introduce novelty into your life. Not only sexually, but socially as well.

Some non-sexual things:

Travel, take classes together, camping, visit new restaurants, take up a hobby together, volunteer together, join a club, etc – the goal is to experience your mate in new situations, causing you to see them in a new, hopefully exciting and/or interesting light. You will hopefully learn about your mate AND yourself.

Sexually speaking the list is almost limitless:

Toys, exploring bdsm (which can be very mild all the way to very hardcore), sharing fantasies, reading erotic stories to each other, roleplay, watching porn together, lingerie, sexy breakfast in bed, different sexual positions, “sex dice”, sex outside, sex in public (be careful), sexual “challenges” (tonight’s challenge is getting my wife to cum three times, etc).

The goes on.

Definitely do talk to your mate. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to spice things up. It’s perfectly normal to truly love someone, and still get somewhat bored at times.

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